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The company Rita Transformers, mother company of the Group was founded on 1947 and she was the next step of the family company which was in business since 1930. Basic steps of the growth and development of the Group are as follows:

  • 1947: foundation of the company by Eleftherios G. Athanassiou – Electrical Engineer with brand name Rita transformers and subject “Radielectrical construction – Transformers of all types” at the location of 25, Kantharou & Sahtouri strts, Piraeus – Greece
  • 1961: the 2nd generation takes the management of the company and production demands lead to a new location.
  • 1968: the company transfers to the new owned building of 370m2 located at 13, Marathonos str. In Piraeus
  • 1987: the 3rd generation takes the management (Eleftherios G. Athanassiou - Electrical Engineer and Helen G. Athanassiou - Mechanical Engineer) and enlarges the production to include, becides dry type transformers & auto transformers, power supplies, rectifiers and battery chargers..
  • 1995: the commercial branch was founded which represents in Greece the italian factories BELOTTI VARIATORI SRL & KERT SRL
  • 2000: the company is certified according to ISO 9001:1994 for Design, Production and Quality Control of Dry type transformers & autotransformers.
  • 2004: the company arises a new building at Ipirou 28-30 next to the old building and the total substructure becomes 1000m2. Also, is certified according to the new standard ISO 9001:2000 Design, Production and Quality Control of Dry type transformers & autotransformers, Battery Chargers & Power Supplies.
  • 2005: enlarges its trading products including UPS, from UPS MANUFACTURING Srl.
  • 2008: the company, gathering 60 and more years of successful operation and knowhow, founds the consulting branch Rita Consulting.
  • 2009: following universal demands for ENERGY Saving products, the company founds the new energy saving branch BLITZ Trafo and also represents the German company BLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG on subject products.

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